Michael Gaeta

Continuing Education Seminar Offerings

Continuing Education Seminars


 All clinical seminars are designed to be 12 hours. Eight-hour / one-day seminars are possible by request.

Topics are updated every year with current knowledge and clinical research. All seminars cover the relevant anatomy & physiology, etiology, pathology, pathophysiology, lab testing, nutritional exam, diet & lifestyle, SP supplementation, MH phytotherapy, support protocols & strategies, patient communication, practice management, practical implementation steps, follow-on resources, and practitioner self-care.

Clinical Topics:

  •  A Wholistic Approach to Cardiovascular Health (8-12 hours)

  • The Triad of the Heart: Rate, Rhythm & Tone (8-12 hours)

  • Endocrine Mastery (8-12 hours)

  • Vaccines, Choice, and Effective Immune Support (8-12 hours)

  • The Autoimmune Solution (8-12 hours)

  • Growing the Circle: Integrating Clinical Nutrition & Western Herbs into an Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine Practice (8-12 hours)

Business & Self Development Topics

  • Self-Development and the Healing Relationship (8 hours)

  • Starting Up Right (8 hours)

  • Legal Issues and Asset Protection (8 hours)

  • Effective Marketing (8 hours)

  • Growing a Thriving Practice: Systems for Success (8 hours)

  • Building and Preserving Wealth (4 hours)

  • Integrity in the Healing Relationship (4 hours)

  • How to Buy and Sell an Acupuncture Practice (2 hours)

  • Creating a Successful Nutrition Practice from Scratch (2-3 hours)

Michael’s speaking fees include a one hour webinar for your entire territory. We recommend using this training as either a promotional event or teaser before the seminar or as a review/Q&A session two weeks after the seminar.

After 18 years of speaking for SP, Michael has found these to improve attendance and educational value for SP clinicians. It also significantly increases the educational value of working with Michael to your whole territory, not just those who attend the seminar.


Planning for your Seminar

Michael’s passion for the Lee philosophy of wholistic nutrition and herbal therapy, deep mastery of the products and their application from almost 30 years of successful clinical practice, and enthusiasm for teaching make him a favorite of SP practitioners, sales representatives and distributors. Here are some of the details that make for a smooth and successful seminar with Michael:

order forms

Please have two Standard Process / Mediherb order forms on hand for each participant. This will cover the health consultations on breaks (see below) and for attendees to create their order to place after the seminar.


Michael’s preferred Product/Literature list.

Michael likes to have these products on hand during the seminar for sampling, and to workshop parts of the nutritional exam. Ideally, these would be on a table at the front of the seminar room, against a front row attendee table. These are only suggestions for you to consider, and we greatly appreciate any products or literature you choose to make available for participants.

Pre-Event CALL

Michael would like to have a brief phone call (typically 10-15 minutes) with you one to two weeks before the seminar, to clarify your goals and ideal outcomes for the seminar, and address any questions, concerns or details. Please call his direct number is 917-613-4501, or email him directly at michael@michaelgaeta.com to set up a specific time for him to call you.

Please look at our example photo of the ideal seminar room set up.

Michael prefers to set up the late afternoon or evening before, if possible for that venue, to set up the projector, sound check, etc. Please let me know if that is possible. 

Michael prefers to have the projector in a front corner of the room (not in the center aisle), a whiteboard or flip chart, markers, a bar/high stool, drinking glass, and at least a gallon of spring water per day.

We understand that each venue is different, and Michael has a significant preference for seminar rooms with windows. The natural light creates a better, more positive learning environment.


One of the advantages to working with us is that we will help you promote the seminar to Michael’s 8,000 social media followers, and on our website. We will help you promote the seminar to your list by providing a short video invitation to the seminar, that you can share via email and social, and with a one-hour pre-seminar teleconference for your territory.

Michael would greatly appreciate your efforts to take some photos during the event and upload them to social media. Please tag him on Facebook. He may also Facebook Live a part of the seminar that would be appropriate a public audience (no protocols).

Seminar marketing

Photos for Promotional Materials

Please have the login information available on the morning of the seminar, or the night before, if that is when we set up.


Presenting Michael’s Trainings

Michael has created a several effective practitioner trainings and high-quality patient education tools to improve patient care, and success with SP and MediHerb. They consistently upgrade the patient care, practice success and SP/MH sales of practitioners nationally.

Typically, he will spend 10 minutes after the last break of the seminar showing an Expert Nutrition Advisor (ENA) video and offering free SP practitioner access to ENA, and 10-15 minutes at the very end of the seminar explaining his follow-on trainings - the Clinician’s Mastermind Circle one-year certification program in natural functional medicine, and three self-study programs. He also will offer those interested, at no charge, an e-book, three practitioner video trainings and a monthly practitioner teleconference call (Mondays with Michael) for those interested.

Please let me know if you have any requests in that regard. We’d also appreciate any honest recommendation you’d like to make when you are speaking to the group, or individual practitioners. 

Michael provides his own handouts, beyond the seminar notes, to place at each attendee's seat. He prefers to bring enough handouts for the number of seats setup in the room, not the number of registrants. Please email us at least one week before the event with the number of attendee seats you plan to have setup in the room.

Michael’s handouts include:

Action List

Consultation Form

Expert Nutrition Advisor Flyer

Gaeta Institute Trainings

Order Form


Health Consultations for Attendees

Michael believes that healthy clinicians best create healthy patients. And that practitioners will have good patient compliance with their supplement protocols if they are on a protocol themselves.

To that end, Michael offers free, brief (typically five-minute) health consultations for attendees of the seminar, on the seminar breaks and at the end of the day. For that to happen, please have set up at the front of the room (typically against the front wall on the side opposite the screen) a table with three chairs, and 25 SP / MH order forms. Michael will have a sign-up form on a computer on that table, or on flip chart paper at the front of the room.  


Michael would love to have dinner with you and, if you wish, others of your choice (associate reps, staff, top accounts, etc.) In a typical two-day weekend seminar, this is usually Saturday evening. Friday is also an option. If you are making reservations, the idea Saturday time is 90 minutes to two hours after the seminar ends, which allows time for more one-on-one questions and health consultations for attendees, and travel time to the restaurant.