Michael Gaeta



The Gaeta Institute holds retreats each year around the globe. Join us in beautiful natural settings, for high-level clinical & business training, personal rejuvenation, and warm connection with like-minded colleagues!


Colorado CHAUTAUQUA 2019


Love, Serve and Succeed: A Clinician’s Training & Retreat to Grow Your Evolution, Contribution & Abundance


What Gaeta Institute Retreat Attendees Are Saying

Thank you and your organizers for such a great Italy retreat. I am reminded how important it is to get a retreat, not just a conference of back to back CE lectures. Haven’t had the full retreat experience since Qi gong weekends in school.

SO much more of a chance to relax, recharge and also with the curriculum including the personal/business growth topics/activities, an opportunity to go deep and explore in a safe place among a family of support. I felt buoyed up. Plus the beautiful setting, relaxed energy, and great food, I couldn’t help but be nourished. Great recipe for success. It looked like it ran smoothly without a lot of effort, but I’m sure it was a lot of planning for all that to come together. :)

I am feeling really good about a lot of things, thank you for the one-on-one with me Thursday night.
I am feeling more confidence, I started someone on a mini protocol and signed her up for a purification preorder. YAY!
— Ericha Clare, ND, LAc, Vancouver Wellness Clinic