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Self-Study Programs & Online Courses


We offer self-study programs, and seven-week online courses which include live calls. 

You may apply the tuition paid for the Clinical Mastery Program (CM), Business Mastery Program (BM) or Total Practice Mastery Program (TPMP) self-study courses to the Clinician's Mastermind Circle (CMC) one-year certification program when you join. Many clinicians have successfully used this path (starting with self-study) as their on-ramp to the CMC.

Self-Study Programs:

Seven-week Online Programs with live calls, offered Annually:

Free online course


Self Study Programs

Clinical mastery program - $1994

Improve Your Patient Care and Outcomes with Standard Process & MediHerb Formulas, Diet & Lifestyle Counseling with audio training, slides, notes, and articles

Topics covered include:
Whole Food Nutrition, Detoxification, Western Botanicals, Vaccines, Immune Support, Cardiovascular Health, Cancer Support, Digestive Health, Laboratory Analysis, Nutrition for Health, Whole Food Nutrition into Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Pain, and Improving Sleep, Reproductive Health

Business mastery program - $1994

Increase Your Practice Success with Effective Patient Communication, Practice Systems, and Financial Savvy. Create a thriving, heart-centered and fulfilling practice. 

Topics covered include:
40 hours of recordings of audio and video including Spiritual Mastery & the Healing Relationship: The Essential Foundation, Starting Up Right: Preparing to Create a Strong Practice, Legal Issues & Asset Protection, Effective Marketing on a Shoestring: What Works & Doesn’t Cost a Lot, Growing a Thriving Practice, Building & Preserving Wealth: Money Smarts, Getting Out of Your Own Way, Integrity in the Healing Relationship: Ethics for Health Professionals.

Total practice mastery program - $2994

This is the most popular, complete and cost-effective self-study program, culminating Michael’s 28 years in practice and 24 years of teaching. TPMP includes both the Clinical Mastery Program and the Business Mastery Program.

Recording of audio and video of Dr Gaeta’s live webinars including nutrition, hair analysis, metabolic radiology, endocrine health, Chinese Medicine, Seasonal Nutrition, Allergies, Gluten sensitivity, Detoxification, Children’s Health, Adrenal Health, Thyroid, Soft Tissue Health, Back to School Doctors Review, Preventing and Healing Injuries and Lyme Disease.


online courses with live calls 

Autoimmune mastery Program

The Autoimmune Mastery Program will give you everything you need to be prepared to confront Autoimmune disease in your office, guide your patients to lasting change, and inform you about the latest in clinical understanding of what works and what doesn’t.


Cancer is on the rise, and millions are suffering from a mostly preventable disease. The Cancer Support & Prevention program will give you everything you need to be prepared to help your patients increase their cancer resistance, and naturally support the quality of life of cancer patients. . 


Online Offerings through Selene River Press

Informed Nutrition from Expert Nutrition Advisor - $10 - PURCHASE

Give your patients nutritional wisdom from one of the most recognized leaders in health and wellness—and in the process, bank away more time to build your practice. The Expert Nutrition Advisor: Informed Nutrition CD or MP3 collection is an invaluable resource that will help you do both.

Back to School for Doctors - Yearly Reviews

  • 2014: The Six Core Principles of Trophotherapy: A Review of Mark Anderson’s Back to School for Doctors 2014 Seminar - $50 - PURCHASE

  • 2015: Cardiovascular: Endurance, Performance, Maintenance, A Review of Mark Anderson's Back to School for Doctors 2015 Seminar - $50 - PURCHASE

  • 2016: The Triad of the Heart: Rate, Rhythm, Tone - A Review of Mark Anderson's Back to School for Doctors 2016 Seminar - $50 - PURCHASE

  • 2017: The Nutritional Foundations of the Healing Arts - A Review of Mark R. Anderson's Back to School for Doctors 2017 Seminar - $50 - PURCHASE


Expert Nutrition Advisor

Expert nutrition advisor 

Expert Nutrition Advisor (ENA) is the first online video education service for Standard Process/MediHerb clinicians and their patients. It makes starting or expanding the nutritional component of your practice simple.

Educate your patients in the office and between visits in the whole-food philosophy, SP and MH formulas, and wholistic diet & lifestyle. Assess your patients and track their progress with our best-in-class online Systems Survey. Make it easy for your existing patients to refer others who are interested in nutritional care with our patient referral service. Improve your patient education, protocol compliance, clinical outcomes and referrals with a consistent educational system, while saving precious time each week.

ENA is free for Standard Process clinicians, for their own use and to train their office staff, at www.expertnutritionadvisor.com/join. The patient education and referral service, and Systems Survey, is available by monthly subscription (for unlimited patients). Improve your paient assessment and outcomes, grow your nutritional practice, and save time, with ENA. 


You need basic computer competency to succeed with our courses. All courses are online, and require the user to maintain their own online accounts, passwords, and email address. Seek the help of a computer-savvy person to get comfortable and confident with logging into and navigating websites on your own, before you invest in a Gaeta Insitute program.