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Clinical Seminars:

Success with Natural Functional Medicine


These are among the finest & most effective Standard Process & MediHerb trainings available.


 All clinical seminars are designed to be 12 hours. Eight-hour / one-day seminars are possible by request.

Topics are updated every year with current knowledge and clinical research. All seminars cover the relevant anatomy & physiology, etiology, pathology, pathophysiology, lab testing, nutritional exam, diet & lifestyle, SP supplementation, MH phytotherapy, support protocols & strategies, patient communication, practice management, practical implementation steps, follow-on resources, and practitioner self-care.

Clinical Topics:

Business & Self Development Topics (4 hours for each topic)

  • Self-Development and the Healing Relationship

  • Starting Up Right

  • Legal Issues and Asset Protection

  • Effective Marketing

  • Growing a Thriving Practice: Systems for Success

  • Building and Preserving Wealth

  • Integrity in the Healing Relationship

  • How to Buy and Sell an Acupuncture Practice

  • Creating a Successful Nutrition Practice from Scratch

Michael’s speaking fee includes a one-hour Zoom webinar for your entire territory. We recommend using this training as either a promotional event or teaser before the seminar, or as a review/Q&A session two weeks after the seminar. After 18 years of speaking for SP, Michael has found these to improve attendance and educational value for SP clinicians. It also significantly increases the educational value of working with Michael to your whole territory, not just those who attend the seminar.


Options for a More Engaging Seminar:

Michael’s signature style of presentation is engagement. He is known and loved for how he connects with, and invites questions and participation from, an audience. Here are some of his innovative ways to create an even more memorable and impactful seminar. Let us know if you’d like to work one or more of these into your event with Michael:

1. Small groups: Michael will organize the audience into groups of three for 10-20 minutes, to discuss and create ways to help each other apply the material, and integrate it into their practice. 

2. Panel of Experts: Michael will moderate a panel of 3-5 of your top accounts for Q & A in the second half or second day of a seminar, so that the attendees can learn from their success and be inspired to create significant positive changes themselves. This can last 30-60 minutes, and centers on the business (patient communication, marketing, office systems) side of practice.

Preparation: Encourage your top accounts to attend so that they can share their success in the panel discussion.

Select the top 3-5 accounts from those who will attend.

3. Michael Unplugged: Open case discussion for 30-90 minutes, where attendees present actual patient cases for Michael and the group to comment on and make suggestions. Michael is a master of the case study approach to teaching, which is a central method of his successful Clinician’s Mastermind Circle. Your accounts will benefit from his ability to think on his feet, adapt, improvise, and deliver spontaneous and valuable insights.

Preparation: Ask all or select attendees to bring one or more patient charts, and to be prepared to concisely present a challenging case.

4. Radiologist Co-Presenter:

Mark Berger, MD, is now available to join Michael in Michael’s seminars. Dr Berger is a full-time radiologist, former Chief of Radiology at a Midwest hospital, and Board-Certified in Integrative Medicine. Though not familiar with SP, he has taught with Michael before, showing CT, MR and ultrasound scans that demonstrate the effects of the typical American diet and lifestyle. Attendees love it – they appreciate the visual impact of seeing medical imagery when discussing a clinical topic, and asking questions of a practicing senior physician. Starting in 2016, he is available to join Michael and co-present. An excellent opportunity for you and your doctors.

5. Live Stream Your Event:

In 2014, Michael pioneered live streaming SP seminars, having success thus far with SP West and Seth Kaelin. This extends the reach of your live event to your entire territory – not just those who attend in person. Remote viewers can ask questions as well. Michael travels with his livestream video technician (you pay the technician directly). Gaeta Communications generally handles online registrations, and promotes the event nationally, for a share of livestream revenues after expenses, creating an additional income stream for you.

6. Post-Event, Offer the Seminar Recording & Notes to Your Whole Territory:

Extend the value of every event far beyond those who attend. Offer all the practitioners in your territory the seminar audio recording after the event, further adding to its educational value & sales results, in addition to an immediate share of revenues from sales. Benefit from short-term income, and long-term sales increases.

Michael’s Fees

Each seminar includes a one-hour Zoom call, either before the event to stimulate interest, or after the event as a Q&A / review / implementation call for your whole territory.

Expenses, which are in addition to speaking fees, include travel (all expenses once Michael lands in the destination city, until he returns to that airport after the seminar), meals during that timeframe, and lodging. Please take a look at our letter of confirmation for the fine print. Please note - we only consider a seminar confirmed once we receive a signed copy of this letter.

12-Hour Live Seminar: $4,000

8-Hour Live Seminar: $3,000

16-Hour Live Seminar (usually two topics): $5,000

60 Minute Webinar or remote video training: $400


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