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You and I need at least basic nutritional supplementation to meet the unprecedented demands of modern life, from environmental toxicity, man-made radiation, and stress on our bodymind. When your body is nutritionally sound, you are in the best position to boldly make your contribution in the world.

We’re happy to offer a few gift options that can both provide your family and friends (or yourself!) with healthful options in the coming year.


Give the Gift of a Nutritional & Herbal Consultation

A thoughtful gift for friends and family, who want a natural approach to addressing their health concerns and goals. Save with 2018 fees, plus a discount on Standard & Complete Consultation.

Purchase Options:

  • Basic: One 30-minute consultation

  • Standard: 1-hour consultation

  • Complete: Evaluation plus follow-up


Supplement Bank

Prepay for your Supplement Bank, which will be used for future nutritional and herbal formulas, and receive a discount on that order. This is available until Friday, December 14th.

Purchase Options:

  • $150 + 15% Discount

  • $300 + 20% Discount

  • $500 + 25% Discount


Consultation Packages for Patients

Choose a three- or six-visit package for 2019 at our 2018 fees, plus a discount. In-person or phone visits are typically every two months.

Purchase Options:

  • Three Consultations at 2018 Pricing

  • Six Consultations at 2018 Pricing