Michael Gaeta
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I am an educator, clinician, writer and publisher in the field of natural health care.

I hold New York licenses in acupuncture, dietetics-nutrition and massage therapy, a Colorado license in acupuncture, and I am a Doctor of Acupuncture in Rhode Island. I combine clinical nutrition, acupuncture, herbal therapy and Asian bodywork to help people heal, grow and evolve.

I earned my Master’s degree in acupuncture from the New York College of Health Professions (nycollege.edu) and then became one of their faculty members for ten years. I also received undergraduate degrees in massage therapy, health sciences and advanced Amma therapy (Asian Bodywork Therapy). I am a Certified Instructor and former state representative of the American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia (aobta.org).

I am also a pianist and composer. My passion is to give, love and serve through teaching, hands-on therapies and writing. I seek to help patients and health professionals live and serve from the place of their greatest potential.

Michael Gaeta, DAc, MS, CDN

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